Luneth and Arc by Enkida

Welcome to Enkida's home on the web.

About Enkida

Enkida graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in Studio Art, specifically Printmaking. She then went to work developing web sites for the Air Force. Eventually Enkida decided to get married and moved to Germany, where she lives today. Enkida was formerly a student at the Fachhochschule Bielefeld, now she's a housewife who does freelance web development and draws webcomics.

About This Site

Enkida doesn't really update web pages anymore with the passion of her youth, although she occasionally still produces templates and/or drawings and sticks them up on the web. By the time this site is finished, it should be fully cross-browser compliant and javascript free. Mail [ nicole.wehmann AT gmail DOT com ] with any serious questions. Leave any inane commentary in the little-viewed guestbook.

Last Update

15 April 2008 - Site updated to reasonable code. I was still designing with tables back in 2006. Whew, was that ugly.

Picture of the Moment

Currently gracing the front page is a picture of Luneth and Arc, the leading men from Square-Enix's "Final Fantasy II." Drawn by yours truly, of course.

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